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Euro Agora is a subsidiary of Sustensis focusing on reforming democracy.
You can watch a short introduction to Euro Agora below – just click on the video.

To reform democracy we should rediscover its roots when it was practiced at the Athenian Agora 2,500 years ago. Like then, we may need to ask a question which system of governance serves human needs best. Thanks to the latest technology it may now be possible to create a new type of democracy, by merging the best features of direct democracy and representational democracy into a Consensual Presidential Democracy. It is a system of democracy aimed at governing with maximum consensus, where the voice of the ‘losing’ minority is always taken into account. It gives the President exceptionally strong powers against the strongest accountability and recall procedures, to enable him to play a crucial role as a conciliator and moderator between two opposing parties, each represented by one Vice President. An important part of such democracy is consensus. That is why all debates, e.g. at Citizens Assemblies, can be supported by our AI-enabled Consensusal Debating.

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