INFO on Consensual Debating

Before you start debating on the Euro Agora website we strongly recommend that you read first the information related to a particular topic. That information can be found under the ‘INFO’ tab for a selected main theme (top level tab) such as ‘Citizens’ Assemblies’ or ‘Elections’, and only then select one of the topics from the list under the CONSENSUAL DEBATING sub-tab.

We need to embrace new technological solutions in reforming democracy, termed as ‘a digital democracy’, especially if they enable more consensual politics. It is in this area where our parent organization, Sustensis, has been working for several years. Recently, it has combined its concept of Digitized Structured Content, with POLIS digitized debates, creating Consensual Debating. It takes the advantage of these new capabilities, which together with other innovations, such as Citizens’ Assemblies may contribute to long overdue deep reform of democracy.

Consensual Debating can be used for debating complex political, social, scientific or economic problems on digital platforms such as websites or Facebook. It allows even tens of thousands of participants to debate thousands of topics simultaneously and come to an agreement in a consensual way in a few days rather than in months. The current version is based on integrating POLIS, based on Excel solutions with our Digitized Structured Content.

However, we are inviting AI professionals to volunteer to work with us on even a more advanced Artificial Intelligence solution. It will most likely be based on the latest capabilities of Open AI’s GPT-3, IBM’s Political Debater or a similar Natural Language Processing AI agent. In our design, a humanoid AI Agent will be one of the debating participants. It will introduce in plain language the subject matter (derived mostly from Euro Agora website, with additional access to specialist areas), present key issues with pros and cons for each one, and then participate in the debating process as an anonymous participant. When the debate is over, it will calculate the results and produce a draft report. Here is what it may look like by the end of 2022:

AI-assisted Consensual Debating