Consensual Debating

Consensual Debating combines the concept of Digitized Structured Content, an approach developed by Sustensis, with digitized POLIS debates. It can be used for debating complex political, social, scientific or economic problems on digital platforms such as websites or Facebook. It allows even tens of thousands of participants to debate thousands of topics simultaneously and come to an agreement in a consensual way many times faster (in a few days rather than in months). It is supported by Sustensis subsidiary site – Consensus AI.

Consensual Debating may make any debate much more effective, especially if it is carried out for a longer period, like a legislative process. It is ideally suited for the debates organized by Citizens’ Assemblies, where randomly selected delegates debate important issues and deliver recommended policies, which then may become law. Citizens Assemblies, being a type of direct democracy, represent the most significant change in many decades in how democracy functions and in particular, how important decisions are made. In this respect such events like the CoFoE Conference, are a testing ground for a large scale dissemination of this model of citizens’ participation. For the very first time all the citizens of Europe can directly participate and impact in real time the future of Europe through Citizens’ Assemblies.

We have now applied that unique Framework to provide input for the Conference on the Future of Europe. Most of the entries in the Democracy topics there are aligned with about 90 structured topics on this website consolidated into 9 main topics: Consensual Debating, Values and Responsibilities, Consensual Presidential Democracy, Citizens Assemblies, Federalism, Constitution, Parliament, Elections and President. You can read more about how Consensual Debating works here.


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