How to participate in Consensual Debating?

If you are already registered on the COFE’s digital platform, then you will find a number of Ideas (topics) that we have created there. All these Ideas’ names start with Euro Agora nn, where ‘nn’ is the Euro Agora topic number. ‘Euro Agora 00’ provides basic information on how to participate in Consensual Debating. All our Ideas have a link to this website, which is a kind of a bridge to the COFE’s platform, enabling Consensual Debating right now. We are talking with the COFE’s Executive Board to create an additional tab on the platform to make the Consensual Debating more seamless.

Until then, the actual Consensual Debating happens on this Euro Agora site. Once a month a view of the month will be presented, showing how the position of the participants’ views in a given debate have changed. Additionally, the Reports from these Debates will be sent monthly to the COFE’s Executive Board, listing the most important policies, which will have gained at least 60% support on the reform of democracy, some of which may require Constitutional changes. The list of these policies and their priorities may change from month to month, until the final Report is published at the beginning of 2022.

Anyone can participate in these debate in two ways. The preferred route is through the COFE digital platform, where you need to register. The second route is through this website, where you also need to register. Once you have done that, click on any of the top level tabs and sub-tabs, such as “2. Values and Responsibilities” and join the debate. Your vote will impact the final debate through the reports sent to the COFE’s Executive Board.

For further instructions click here.